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Present stage of development of social education in the Republic of Kazakhstan is characterized by the new attitude of the state and society to the persons with developmental disorders. This is evidenced by the Law "On special social services", "Standard for provision of social services in the field of social protection» ¹ 1222 from 28.10.2011.

In 1981 by the decision of Tselinograd regional executive committee orphanage for children with health disabilities was opened. In 2005, the orphanage was renamed to "Children’s mental health social institution" akimat of Astana. In 2006, the institution was a branch of day care, and in 2011 the institution was once again renamed to «Children’s mental health social institution» akimat of Astana.

Creation of favorable conditions for the development of the potential of the children and their socialization in society.
Habilitation, adaptation, correction of deficiencies in mental and physical development.

The institution is on full state support contains 120 disabled children from 3 to 18 years, in day stay there are 90 children. Children are in groups of stages of development: motor habilitation, social adaptation, and socio-job training. In the inpatient unit - 16 groups, in day stay - 9 groups. Regulatory occupancy in groups and distribution of children by groups comply with the standard. Developmental activities conducted by individual child development programs developed by an interdisciplinary team of specialists of institution.

The institution employs 60 teachers and specialists. 9 of them with the highest category and 16 in the first category.

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