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Socio-medical services

Organized nurturing environment provides a systematic approach to improving the health of children. Children in the institution receive complex rehabilitative care, which includes medical therapy, psycho-pedagogical correction, social adaptation. Due to the comprehensive health-pedagogical influence, as well as individually-differentiated approach to children with disabilities team achieves positive dynamics in their development and social adaptation.

(Early activity system)

Social welfare services

For the organization of rehabilitation, medical-labor, cultural and educational activities of public service all the conditions that ensure the development of children with relevant hygiene standards and requirements:


  • bedrooms;
  • games room;
  • furniture, equipment, soft equipment;
  • balanced five meals;
  • specialized vehicles.


  • sensory room
  • dedicated cabinet for Montessori
  • gym
  • cabinets for speech therapist, psychologist, speech pathologists
  • room for social orientation
  • library
  • study art therapy
  • music hall
  • sewing, carpentry workshop
  • winter greenhouse
  • playgrounds
  • gymnasium
  • playgrounds

Social and psychological services

Children in the institution are in gentle conditions precluding psychological trauma. The work undertaken by the psychologist, aimed at correcting the psychological processes to overcome the attenuation and behavioral disorders. Classes in the sensory room, Montessori help children strengthen their self-confidence, an opportunity to raise their self-esteem.

Socio-educational services

Educational process is conducted on "Correctional education program for children with severe mental retardation" Almaty, 2004 and Model of comprehensive rehabilitation center. Pedagogical team is independent in choosing variability, general developmental and remedial programs.

Children also have the opportunity of learning and many progressive programs for example:

  • art therapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • agro therapy
  • garden therapy
  • aquatherapy
  • isotherapy
  • egro therapy

Socio-economic services

Assistance in obtaining entitlement benefits to disabled children benefits, improving living conditions, compensation and other payments are provided by qualified economists of institution.

Social and legal services

Legal advice in the provision of social services and issues related to the registration of various documents having legal significance are provided by the lawyer of institution.

Socio-cultural services

According to the plan of animation services in the establishment holidays, recreational activities are organized. For creative development of children organized various circles "Glinoplastika", "Beading", "Paper-plastika", "Young actor" and others. Continuing our children participate and attend cultural events: theater, exhibition park, concerts, circus, cinema.

Employment and Social Services

The institution is working on the formation of labor skills and abilities of children. In sewing, carpentry workshops, winter greenhouse children receive basic work skills, ability to work in teams, learn to see the result of his work.

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